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Hi there! I wanted to share a bit of my story with you! I have a unique background and gifting that I hope to use in every family session. Prior to pursuing photography I worked as an Occupational Therapy Assistant. I would often create sensory diets or use visuals to teach students how to express feelings or learn how to regulate their emotions. My dream is to bring my therapy background and photography together. Parents, I want to be a resource to you. My desire is not only to provide you with quality images, but to get to know your family and find out how to create a comfortable experience for your family. My hope is to eliminate distractions and free kids to be comfortable in their environment and capture the authentic moments of your family.

As a photographer I have the unique opportunity to be a storyteller and to capture a moment of your family in time. I love having the opportunity to capture genuine laughter and love. Whether that’s photographing a maternity session, embracing your newborn or piling up a growing family in your arms I would love to be the one to capture those moments. Capturing a genuine moment of love, a sweet exchange, a warm embrace freezes an image of hope in time. My desire is to capture quality images that will last you a life time.