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Couples Photography

Hello couples! My husband Trevor and I are newly weds and I love marriage and what it stands for. Marriage is a place of companionship, intimacy and shared memories. Through marriage I’m learning to be vulnerable, forgiving and unconditionally loving. It has encouraged me to be more direct, to look beyond myself and turn next to me and see the wonderful man I’m married to!

As a photographer I have the unique opportunity to be a storyteller and to capture you as a couple. My desire is to craft quality images that describe your love story and last you a life time. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, renewing your vows, or any other occassion, I would love to have the opportunity to capture your story. I love having the opportunity to capture genuine laughter and love. It’s in these moments I get giddy and I know I’m doing what I love. Capturing a genuine moment of love, a sweet exchange, a warm embrace freezes an image of hope in time. These images remind us that even in the apparent dark there is love, and its sweet melody brings light to the darkness.