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3 Reasons to have a “First Look” on Your Wedding Day!


I love meeting with couples who are interested in booking me as their photographer for their wedding. I love having the opportunity to meet them, talk about the plans they have for their day, make a connection and answer any questions. One thing I always share in the initial meeting with couples is the importance of a “First Look.” Some grooms look at me a little confused. A “First Look” is when the couple meets prior to the ceremony to see each other. This personally was my favorite part of my wedding day and it’s my favorite part to photograph. Here are 3 reasons I always share with my couples about the value of doing a “First Look” on your wedding day. 

1. It’s the most intimate moment of the day!

You have spent so much time planning and prepping for your wedding day. After months of planning it all happens in a day and it flies by. A first look can be used to pause, to slow the day down and take a moment with each other. Spend a moment appreciating each other and that you have made it to this day. It’s a moment to breath, to share and to take in the day. 

I remember on my wedding day I didn’t want to blink! I went into the day very conscious that I wanted to take moments to stop and be thankful. There were many tears as I made this a priority. I had happy tears when I saw my man for the first time, when I took in all the little details and decorations that somehow came together beautifully, I cried out of joy for the loved ones that were present and ultimately the amazing man I was marrying and what this day symbolized. I wanted to remember every moment forever!

When you think about it, the bride and groom rarely have a moment alone together the whole day. The first look is a intimate moment where you can enjoy time alone during your wedding day. My husband and I enjoyed what was like a mini date before our ceremony. We photographed our first look in a conservatory. I love plants and the vibrance of colors in a conservatory. I encourage my couples to pick a place that is meaningful to them. After meeting in the conservatory we went to a coffee shop. Trevor and I actually met at a coffee shop where he was the barista. Coffee is a big part of our story and we wanted a coffe on our wedding day! 

The first look can be an intimate date, where you pause to take in the day and your partner. It was my favorite part of my wedding day and it’s also my favorite pictures from our wedding day. It’s the first look pictures that we have hanging all over our apartment.  


2. A first look captures the most authentic response

The first look is my favorite part of the day to photograph because of the raw emotions that are expressed in that moment. When couples see each other for the first time they aren’t paying attention to the camera. This makes for amazing photos because the most authentic reaction happens in an intimate moment between a couple. In the traditional setting of walking down the aisle and seeing each other for the first time you have a whole audience watching. It can be hard to truely express the most raw version of yourself in front of a crowd. 

During a first look a couple can truly be themselves and as a photographer that is what I want to photograph. My happiest moments as a photographer is when I can capture the genuine love and laughter expressed between a couple. My goal is capturing a couple in an authentic moment rather than posed moments. Having a first look doesn’t spoil the reaction in front of your guests. I actually cried so many happy tears during my first look and as I walked down the aisle. During the first look there were so many emotions while seeing him for the first time and having a moment together to share in our excitement. Then as I walked down the aisle it was different as I took in the guests watching and recognized the commitment we were stepping in to and I saw him at the end of the aisle waiting for me.  

My many tears of joy!

My many tears of joy!

3. The first look was the most memorable part of our wedding day

Looking back at our wedding day it was a blur and we honestly have a hard time remembering what was said at the ceremony. We were just so caught up in joy and looking at each other. We got married overlooking a lake and I remember pausing to be thankful for the moment and the gorgeous day. The first look was the most memorable because we had a moment together. They are our favorite pictures and we enjoyed a short date doing the things we love. 

These are the three reasons I highly recommend a first look with my couples. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s a beautiful moment that you can enjoy and document through photography to have a lasting memory. Every time I look at our photos I am immediately reminded of the emotions I felt and the love and joy that overwhelmed me on that day. When planning your wedding make sure you plan time for a first look and make the location meaningful to you!