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5 Free Date Ideas In Seattle


Hello! If you are new to reading my blog my name is Talissa and I am a Seattle wedding photographer. My husband Trevor and I moved to Seattle about a year and half ago. We have loved exploring the city together! We now have a newborn and we are trying to discover how to do this city life with a baby. I’m loving this newborn stage, because Forrest sleeps everywhere we go so it still feels like a date when we go places. 

Trevor and I love dating each other and we have always made that a priority in our week. Before having Forrest we would prioritize “date day” where we would spend the day together and we wouldn’t work or have any other commitments. Now with a newborn our dates look a little different. For one we can no longer have a whole day just the two of us, but now we try to prioritize an outing as a family. We still want to make dating each other a priority even if it’s for 20 minutes or with a crying baby. For example, we try to cook together and light candles at the dinner table. We will make an effort to ask each other questions or communicate how we are handling this season of life. We also live in an expensive city and try to save money by finding free date locations. Here are some of the places we have loved exploring together! 


1. Amazon Spheres in South Lake Union

The Amazon spheres are free to visit two Saturdays of the month. It is free to make a reservation, you just need to present the email reservation with an ID. I really like visiting the spheres during the winter. The last time we went it was a rainy Saturday at 4:30p. I also really enjoyed going at this time because there wasn’t a lot of people and we enjoyed walking around with the stroller before it closed at 6:00p.


2. Volunteer Park Conservatory in Capitol Hill

I love visiting conservatories! The colors are vibrant during the gloomy winter and the temperature is nice and warm when you go inside. For that reason wear layers that you can remove! I made the mistake of wearing a hot sweater my first time. The Conservatory is currently free to visit until February 28th, but generally there is free admission every first Thursday and Saturday of the month. Trevor and I have packed books before and sat on a bench to read together. I also love taking my camera to photograph all of the beauty!


3. MOHAI and Seattle Art Museum

These are both free to visit the first Thursday of the month. Trevor and I have yet to do either of these together. It is currently on my list, especially since we live directly across from MOHAI. I’ll have to post after we finally make this one of our outings!

4. Seattle Public Library

I love the Seattle public library, especially during sunset. The views are amazing and it’s a great way to view the city in the Winter. To be honest I have only been once, but I was amazed by all the natural light. I took so many pictures and I loved exploring all of the different levels. It was a fun place to explore together! 


5. Free Pass from Seattle Public Library

Did you know you can get free passes to local museums by using your library card? You just go to and on their main page under “Common Tasks” you can click “Get a Museum Pass.” I recently got us passes to the Seattle Aquarium for free by using my library card. We had a great time walking around and talking while Forrest slept in the baby carrier. 

Seattle is a stupid expensive city, but I love finding these little ways to explore and have a free date! I hope this helps you explore the city during these winter months!