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I love writing! I write about what's going on with my husband and I, daily life nannying, and different photography sessions I have! From family photography to couples photography to kids photography, I love documenting it all.

Dale + Darla


Dale and Darla have been married for over 30 years and they are still smitten with each other. Dale initially wrote to me and described his wife and the beautiful person she is. He shared that she was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease in 2005. Here is an excerpt of his email to me describing his wife Darla.

“Darla is a such a dedicated teacher. Though she hurts almost every day and rarely gets a full night of sleep, she still makes sure that her students are number one. She teaches when she feels like staying home and resting. Taking care of others is one of her driving traits. Darla not only meets all of her teaching obligations, she also volunteers for additional responsibilities. Darla always puts others first. Darla’s self-denying spirit inspires me. Her determination to put students first even with the pain and discomfort she feels is moving. With this in mind, I have been planning a couple of “perfect days” for her. I want to give back to her and pamper her…something she does for others but never does for herself.”

t was so lovely to get a picture of Darla though Dale’s eyes. After receiving his email I knew I had to work with this wonderful couple! We first met for coffee at Cascade Coffee Works where we just talked and got to know each other a bit. loved hearing the story of how they met and their love for teaching. Before jumping into a session I love just talking with couples, getting to know their story and making them feel at ease before I photograph them. I took a couple shots at the coffee shop and then we went to photograph around the docks of Lake Union. The shots at the lake might be my favorite! The colors of the sky and the water were perfectly overcast and made for the best lighting. I had brought a blanket with me and they have the cutest cuddly pictures by the dock. Who doesn’t love snuggling up in a blanket while taking in the fresh air on a dock? After the fresh air we headed to the Seattle Public Library and went to the tenth floor to the city look out. I had a blast with this couple and felt that I got to know them well by the end of the session. Dale said by the end of it “It now feels like we are family!” It was so encouraging for me to have time getting to know this couple. It was during this session that I was reassured that this is what I should be doing! 

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