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I love writing! I write about what's going on with my husband and I, daily life nannying, and different photography sessions I have! From family photography to couples photography to kids photography, I love documenting it all.

Gas Works Park


Last weekend I had a lovely session at Gas Works Park with this family! My husband and I had gone the day before so that I could scout out some specific spots to photograph the kids. It was raining especially hard, windy and cold. Thankfully the day of the session there was sun and warm weather! When I looked out the window the morning of the session I got giddy when I saw the sunshine. This family was so easygoing during the session while we jumped in mud puddles and ran around. I also loved their outfit choices which had great textures and dark color which made for some great black and white photos!

I had so much fun getting to know each of them and hearing their interests. The older two kids have some fun interests and they were really easy to talk with! They enjoy baking, reading and playing instruments. They both are in Jr. High and I asked lots of questions about school and their favorite activities. I had so much fun with this family! After the session ended I walked away encouraged and excited to edit their photos. My favorite photos are their individual portraits and the ones of them laughing together. I love capturing authentic movments and telling a story through photography! I love how these turned out and I couldn’t wait to deliver them!

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