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I love writing! I write about what's going on with my husband and I, daily life nannying, and different photography sessions I have! From family photography to couples photography to kids photography, I love documenting it all.

The Origin


I was born in Everett, WA and I lived there till the age of 5 before my family made a cross country move to Tremont, IL. Population 2,500. I don’t have many memories of living in WA, but the few I do have involve the beach. As a kids, I remember visiting the beach on overcast days. I remember the smooth rock beaches and drift wood along the path to the beach. I can vividly remember the sound of seagulls, the smell of salt in the air and the cool breeze on my face. I remember my parents pointing out the mountains whenever we had a clear view.

I can picture the thick wooded yard behind my grandparents house. My grandma and I loved watching various kinds of birds come to the birdhouses near the window. I remember going with my mom on evening walks and we would count the number of slugs on the cement sidewalk. At the beach, my Dad would catch small crabs and place them in a bucket. I would laugh and scream if he brought it too close.

If I were to sum up memories of Washington they would be described through colors, textures and smells. The array of greys, misty fog that would cover buildings, the cool blue water at the beach and rich moss growing on the trees. The smell of fresh rain, salty air and evergreen trees. The texture of the sand, smooth rocks and the rough drift wood on the beach. 

Now 23 years later I have come back to my place of origin. I don’t think I’ve ever realized how much I missed living near water. Trevor and I are fortunate to live right across from the bay of Lake Union. We are very much in the city, but being near the water there is a stillness in the busyness. I love walking on the docks and seeing the names of boats and imagining the people that own them. I love photographing the reflections on the water and creating a composition that captures the stillness and cool colors. On our rooftop we can watch the seaplanes take off and see all the boats on the water. Directly in front of us is water and then to the right is the city view. I love that we live in a place were city and stillness collide. To our very left we can see the snow covered mountains and I get giddy every time we have a clear view of mountains!


Here are some of my favorite pictures of exploring and photographing the bay near us and other docks. There is something so peaceful about being near water. One day Trevor and I sat out on a dock across from our apartment building. I observed how quite it was in that moment. It felt like time slowed. I could be content observing the seagulls or watching a tug boat go by. I love how water reflects the light, it can be still and so vast. I’m mindful when I’m near water. I remember to breath and observe. It stills my heart and reminds me that I am small compared to its vast length. I’m always humbled when God reveals his qualities though nature. I’m aware of his power and presence whenever I look out on the water. My spirit is stilled every time I take in the view.

Seattle is the city of cranes. I love that this picture represents where city and stillness collide. 

Seattle is the city of cranes. I love that this picture represents where city and stillness collide. 

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