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I love writing! I write about what's going on with my husband and I, daily life nannying, and different photography sessions I have! From family photography to couples photography to kids photography, I love documenting it all.

Golden Gardens


Here are a few photos from a recent session at Golden Gardens, Seattle. I had a blast spending time with these two! It was fun to capture them while they explored the beach by burying their feet in the sand or throwing sand in the water. I love capturing curiosity and joy on a child’s face! 


These two are only 2 years a part in age and get along really well. It was so fun to catch some authentic smiles and sibling hugs. This might be my new favorite location for a photo session. The kids just had fun on the beach and I took pictures. The colors were lovely and very Seattle and the lighting was amazing.

I’m looking forward to many more sessions near the waterfronts in Seattle!

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