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Finding Friendship in Seattle

In the process of moving to Seattle, one thing I feared was that it woud be hard to make friends. I’m learning that as a feeling based processor I can sometimes think in extremes. I thought it would take a long time before making a friend. Seattle is described as being an isolated and introverted city, so this only fed into my fear of not making friends. The ”Seattle Freeze” is a term used to describe how in first moving to Seattle you experience everyone being friendly, but over time it is hard for those interactions to develop into friendships with more depth. People who know me well know I love pursuing deep intentional relationships. I’m not one to have a ton of surface friendship, I like to be intentional with the key friends I have. Living in this culture I hope to bring out depth in the relationships I have and be intentional with the people I’m getting to know.  


These were my thoughts in moving here: that I would struggle to meet people and for them to grow into friends. To my surprise I made a friend in my first week of being here! I was out grabbing groceries and decided to stop in a coffee shop to read. I was excited to explore what was around and take a moment to enjoy the afternoon. After grabbing my latte I sat down at the bar facing a window. I looked to my right and there was a woman in her 20s reading next to me. I opened my book to start reading when I noticed what the woman next to me was reading. She had a book tiled “Life of the Beloved.” She also had a bible and a journal beside her. I tried to focus on my book, but something inside me was cheering, “Say something to her!” So I finally decided to turn to her and say hi. I said something about the title of her book and asked what she thought of it. Then I shared a little about the book I was reading. We soon found ouselves talking for a half hour or more before she needed to leave for work. We introduced ourselves and she told me her name was Kate. She said she was so glad I introduced myself and we decided to hang out at the same coffee shop the next week! 


I’m so thankful for a friend and Kate is so easy to talk to. We have so many common interests that it easy to talk about life and our transition to this city. She actually just moved to Seattle in June and has moved in with her sister. I’m so thankful that I have been able to get to know her and continue to meet with her at coffee shops or adventures to parks on blustery days. We actually did that yesterday and it was so windy and the rain was somewhat pelting, but it was fun to visit a new place! 

I also recently did a session with Kate and wanted to share how we met and the pictures I took. I feel really blessed to have made a friend so soon in this transition. Kate is really good at asking questions and enjoys depth in conversation, so we get along really well :)

God has provided for me in so many intimate ways throughout this transition. I’m learning to be an active observer of the good I have received through grace. Through the process of getting our aparatment and making a new friend, I’ve learned in this season that He works above and beyond what I ever imagine possible!


From our session at Gasworks Park! I had a lot of fun photographing this lovely friend :)

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