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Acceptance with Joy

Hello! I’m currently soaking up the sunshine and breathing in the cool air from the rooftop of my apartment. In the background I hear the sea planes taking off as my husband and I enjoy a chemex coffee together as we work. It’s in times like these I pause. I’m in awe. How did we get here? Is this real life? My heart is currently overcome with joy and my spirit within me whispers, “Thank you.”

Trevor overlooking Lake Union from our apartment’s rooftop.  

Trevor overlooking Lake Union from our apartment’s rooftop.  

So much has changed since my last post and I’m excited to share some of the details along the way. During our cross country move we were waiting to hear back about an apartment. Moving out here we had no idea if we actually had a place to live, we just knew we needed to pack our things and go. When we made it to California I received an email about the lease. I still remember sitting at a coffee shop enjoying brunch when I looked up at Trevor and said, “Does this mean we can celebrate?!?” He said, “I’m not celebrating until we have the keys in hand.” Trevor still hadn’t received the lease paperwork and we knew this apartment was the ideal situation and more than we could have hoped for!


Sometimes in life we are too afraid to hope or be expectant of good things. I’m currently being challenged to acknowledge the good I have in this very moment. Like I said I’m in awe as I sit and drink my coffee. I have a home, a loving husband, a coffee in hand, the sun on my face, a content stomach, a place to work, warm socks, a view of the changing leaves and so much more.

I feel that we can more readily share the good things when we practice and when we share with each other. During this thought I was reminded of a portion of the book I’m currently reading, “Hinds Feet on High Places.” In the story the character is in the dessert and comes across this intriguing image.

“She stopped over the lonely, lovely little golden face lifted up so hopefully and so bravely to the feeble drip, and cried out softly, “What is your name, little flower, for I never saw one like you before.” The tiny plant answered at once in a tone as golden as itself, “Behold me! My name is Acceptance-with-Joy.”

The name given to this flower in the dessert really resonated with me. My hope is that in every season I could see the world through grateful eyes. The retelling of this story will only increase my mindfulness of the good I have received.

After we made it to Oregon I received the lease and sign the paperwork. Come to find out Trevor had received the same paperwork it had just ended up in his junk mail. We both signed and the month long waiting had finally come to a close! The reason the process took so long is that we had applied to a government program that reduces the rate of housing based on your salary. So basically we were approved to live in a brand new apartment for half the cost. We had spent months looking for apartments and with our budget we couldn’t afford much. Then this opportunity came along and it became very apparent that this was a blessing and more than we dreamed possible. Before moving I visited a friend who shared a similar experience. They were just moving into a new home that they knew they couldn’t afford otherwise and it was above and beyond what she imagined possible. My friend Jessica said, “Talissa you never know, the same thing may happen to you in Seattle.” I still smile when I think about my friend’s words and how all this has worked out. We are now settled into our brand new apartment. I never imagined coming to Seattle that I would have the privilege of living in a new apartment with all new appliances. Most mornings I look out the window and look around our home and say a little thank you.

Our apartment is decorated by some of our left over wedding decorations :) 

Our apartment is decorated by some of our left over wedding decorations :) 

Since our wedding in May we haven’t had a consistent home or place of our own. I’ve loved decorating our home and creating a place of rest. The transition has been smoother than I expected and I think it’s because it feels like home and I’m thankful for a consistent home. We have begun to explore the coffee shops near us, the taco place two blocks away and we both discovered we are pretty out of shape when we attempted to bike to Gasworks park. It’s an exciting season full of new experiences as newly weds, new to Seattle and new to our jobs. I’m enjoying the fresh start and excited to pursue photography in this city.

In this season of firsts I want to see the world through grateful eyes.

Our decoration themes are all my favorite things: plants, picture collages, vintage cameras and my collection of thrifty items.

Our decoration themes are all my favorite things: plants, picture collages, vintage cameras and my collection of thrifty items.

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