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I love writing! I write about what's going on with my husband and I, daily life nannying, and different photography sessions I have! From family photography to couples photography to kids photography, I love documenting it all.

Couples Session | Birkey


Meet my sister Hillary and brother-in-law Levi. Before leaving central Illinois I wanted to do a session with them to celebrate their 2 year anniversary. This lovely couple first met at a small grocery store in Tremont, IL. Hillary worked as the cashier and Levi worked in the back as a butcher. Talk about cute! I’ve loved witnessing my younger sister become a wife, and seeing the way they love and support each other. I’ve also loved gaining a brother for the first time.

It was fun to photograph this couple outside in my parent’s yard. They both love being outside, so I knew this setting would suit them. I love having the opportunity to capture genuine laughter and love. It’s in these moments I get giddy and I know I’m doing what I love. Capturing a genuine moment of love, a sweet exchange, a warm embrace freezes an image of hope in time. These images remind us that even in the apparent dark there is love, and its sweet melody brings light to the darkness.  

Check out their full session on my pixieset

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